Gorou new character of Genshin Impact

Gorou new character of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a game that shows a world in which we can investigate a region full of prisons, mysteries and experiences to reside. Every so often new characters appear in Genshin Impact that you can approach as long as you have enough Gacha (in-game money).

Rumors coming from afar suggest that Gorou will be the new character that Genshin Impact will deliver to play later on, and below, we unveil all the data we have about him.

Highlights of Genshin Impact's new character Gorou.

We don't really know an excessive number of attributes about this person, as the creators have wanted to keep as much data as possible mysterious until the time of delivery:

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Extraordinariness: Unknown

Vision (component): Geo

Position in Team: General of the Sangonomiya.

Weapon: Unknown

Location: Inazuma

Orientation: Male

Gorou's character

The creators of the game describe Gorou as a genuinely free person who doesn't hesitate to communicate his feelings, but is also undaunted by how others might feel.

He protects the people in his group and is a pioneer who encourages those below him. He won't mind getting into a battle if one of his own is in danger.

Gorou is a truly challenging person to take down in a fight, as this is the territory in which he feels great. In fact, even in the most crucial moments, he is usually the main point of reference for his teammates, as he is really solid.

Beginning and history of Genshin Impact's new character, Gorou

He is the general in charge of the Inazuma area and when he opposes the order to capture apparitions authorized by Baal. He is very young in age, however he has risen through the positions to become the general of the Sannomiya Palace Army.

Gorou's voice in Genshin Impact

The creators have not yet needed to unveil the name of the animator who will voice this brave and vivacious character in Genshin Impact, but we will declare it when we have the news.

We trust that this article has been useful to know a little more about Gorou, the new character of Genshin Impact that you will be able to play with soon.

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