The best apps for pregnancy

Maternity is usually a very desirable process that is received with great joy. For the woman, especially if she is a first-time mother, it can be a time of great changes and personal discovery. The sensations will be unique, each advance will be full of uncertainty and all this leads to mixed feelings. One lives between prudence and illusion. It is traditional to ask for help and advice from mothers or friends who have already gone through this experience. If you are in this fantastic stage, you will surely receive a lot of suggestions from your environment and feel that you have a lot of things to learn, it's normal! The positive side is that you have had to live it in a time full of facilities, where there are many new tools for you and to accompany you in this process. Pregnancy apps are among them, and they are becoming more and more common among moms.

What are the best apps for pregnant women?

Haven't you heard about pregnancy apps yet? They are platforms that you can always carry on your mobile device and that will facilitate this incredible journey towards motherhood. In them you can find a lot of interesting information that is not negligible, especially at this time when everything seems new to you. If you want to benefit from new technologies during your pregnancy, don't hesitate to try them out! To help you do so, we have compiled a list of the best pregnancy apps on the market today. Take note of them and choose the one that best suits your needs. These are the following:

  • Dana

  • Pregnancy +

  • Baby Center

  • iNatal

  • Sprout

1. Dana

The best apps for pregnancy

The Dana app is one of the most complete, as it accompanies you from the process of gestation to the first moments of parenting. It has phases specially designed for postpartum, breastfeeding or early education, so you can continue with it for a long time. It is specific to our country and gathers a large community of moms in it. It is very interesting for women who want to be educated about it and know every procedure inside out, as it contains videos and audios with "classes" conducted by experts in the field, such as gynecologists. In addition, it is a platform that collaborates with different hospitals in Spain and keeps up to date with the latest news in this sector.

Dana ratings and reviews

The best apps for pregnancy👉 Download here Dana 👈

2. Pregnancy +

The best apps for pregnancy

Pregnancy + focuses on monitoring and information during the period of pregnancy, and does so in a very comprehensive way. What it provides is a very intuitive and easy to use application that is positioned at the stage of gestation of each woman to provide all the data you need. This way you can learn about the evolution of the baby throughout each week, receive advice according to the period in which you are, learn some tricks and control the situation much better. If you are one of those who feel better knowing everything, this is one of the best alternatives for you.

Pregnancy + ratings and reviews

The best apps for pregnancy

👉 Download here Pregnancy + 👈

3. BabyCenter

The best apps for pregnancy

BabyCenter was initially developed in the United States, but is now available in many countries and languages, including our own. It offers information and also a variety of resources for pregnancy, in a very orderly and practical way thanks to its fantastic interface. It also provides you with weekly guides so that you know well the process in which you are in every moment. It is another of those that are involved with different hospitals and associations, so the company does different outreach work and is well documented.

BabyCenter ratings and reviews

The best apps for pregnancy

👉 Download here BabyCenter👈

4. iNatal

The best apps for pregnancy

iNatal is the application of the Fundació Medicina Fetal de Barcelona in collaboration with the BCNatal consortium of Barcelona, therefore, its developers know well what they are doing and know perfectly the needs of pregnant women. With it you can make an excellent follow-up of the whole process and obtain interesting resources. It is another of those that has videos and other files of professionals that allow the mother to be well informed of the situation, in addition to getting good advice on each of the parts of gestation. As a differential point, this application has a personalized nutritional plan that shows you different recipes to improve your health and that of your baby.

iNatal ratings and reviews

The best apps for pregnancy

👉 Download here iNatal 👈

5. Sprout

The best apps for pregnancy

Moms can see how their baby is evolving week by week thanks to Sprout, another app that shows you the growth of the organs and the state of the baby with precision, depending on where you are. It is very easy to use and it will not cost you anything to get used to it from the first moment. One of its interesting features is that it allows you to enter your different medical appointments and ultrasound scans, so that you do not miss a single one. You will also find interesting recommendations so that the pregnancy goes perfectly and the possible discomforts of the different stages disappear.

Sprout ratings and reviews

The best apps for pregnancy

👉 Download here Sprout 👈

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