What exactly does PvE and PvP mean, what are the differences?

    Speaking of video games, on our pages it often happens to refer to aspects such as the PvE or PvP, but what is meant by these two terms coined towards the end of the 80s? Let's clarify this distinction which plays a fundamental role, especially when we relate to the landscape of multiplayer games.

    • Player versus Player (PvP): literally translatable as Player against Player, this acronym refers to the interactive conflict that can involve two or more users engaged in the same game. Consequently, any product (or modality) it provides competition between multiple people, can be described as PvP.
    • Player versus Environment (PvE): translatable as Player against the Environment, this acronym refers to situations in which the user has to measure himself against the video game and everything that makes it up. The enemy to beat, in this case, is the artificial intelligence that regulates creatures or NPCs. Leaving aside the obvious that single-player games can be considered PvE, this definition assumes importance in multiplayer experiences that encourage cooperation between multiple players.

    Thinking of any online RPG (that's what the term MMO means) in which you can perfect a build, and then test its effectiveness against other players, the usefulness of both labels becomes clear. Elden Ring, for example, will boast a huge PvE component, but like the old Souls it will also offer the opportunity to invade other people's worlds in search of PvP.

    About the highly anticipated work of From Software, on the pages of winngems.com you will find a special dedicated to the mythology that inspired Elden Ring.

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