How much RAM do I need for gaming?

If you crave speed, you're probably wondering how much RAM you need for gaming. There are several factors to consider, including game types, minimum system requirements, and memory speeds. RAM (Random Access Memory) saves specific parts of the game in short-term memory to improve access times, regardless of the speed of the storage drive. For realistic and highly complex games, you need as much memory as possible.

What kind of games do you play?

As with everything, the answer to "How much RAM do I need for gaming?" it depends on the type of video games and the number of video games, as well as their complexity. Games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Counter Strike: Global Offense may have lower memory requirements, like 2GB or 4GB. Instead, games like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Rainbow Six Siege require at least 6GB or 8GB of memory. When it comes to minimum requirements it is exactly like this: the minimum necessary. To keep the frame rate high and increase the fluidity of the game, it is advisable to go beyond the minimum requirements. We all want a system with the best gaming specs to boost performance.

Minimum recommendations for gaming

8GB is generally a good starting point for most games. If you start playing a game with complex environments and notice lag or slowdowns, then you need more RAM. Most video games recommend 16GB memory for high performance gaming. If you have this amount of RAM on your computer, you'll be able to switch between games without lag or system slowdowns. If you want to edit the recorded game, then you need a RAM of at least 32GB.

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How much RAM do I need for gaming?

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How much RAM do I need for gaming?


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When speed is what you need

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Other considerations

Memory isn't the only component to consider when it comes to gaming hardware. Most games provide recommendations regarding the operating system, CPU, adding an SSD, sound card and graphics card. Once you choose the RAM, installing it on your computer is simple.

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