Brawlhalla ACTUAL codes

Brawlhalla ACTUAL codes

Get the best Brawlhalla codes here! Brawlhalla, one of the most versatile offerings from video game mogul Ubisoft, and has become one of the best and most downloaded games in recent years. Winngems brings you a list of the best promo codes to get you EVERYTHING on Brawlhalla.

Promo codes are an essential part of mobile game dynamics, and having them keeps you hooked for hours on end. In addition to the codes, in Brawlhalla there are some tricks and secrets to get many rewards. Here are all the ways to get skins, inventory and rewards.

Brawlhalla codes

Like the rest of the codes for video games, the Brawlhalla codes expire, or have a specific function, and then stop working. Here we leave you the ones that are valid today, and that will help you to request rewards within the game.

  • 6D885W-DRTD9W
  • 532E8B-918ZD9
  • 5XYGQH-H0S21H
  • NPKN01-YR1NG5

On the other hand, one of the lesser-known tricks to get rewards is Twitter. If you join the platform of the little blue bird of Brawlhalla you will be given the code to have Raven's Talon Scythe Skin in your account, or sometimes you could get the code to get Raven's sword.

How to redeem Brawlhalla codes

Although it is quite easy to redeem codes in the game, if it is the first time you redeem one, we leave you a step by step guide:

  1. Go to your game and find the main menu.
  2. Click on the store icon at the edge of the screen and enter the store.
  3. When you are inside the store, locate the button in the bottom left corner and choose the option "redeem code".
  4. Copy and paste any of the codes we have written above.

Where to get the codes for Brawlhalla?

The game development team has already released several codes that can be redeemed in-game. These codes are usually available in different places:

Official game pageCheck the official Brawlhalla page for promotional codes.
FacebookFollow the official page to receive updates and new codes.
InstagramFollow the official account on Instagram for possible promotional codes.
DiscordJoin the official Discord server where other players share codes.
YoutubeSearch the Youtube channel where they sometimes post promotional codes.
TwitchKeep an eye out for Twitch streams where codes are often given out.
Pre-registerIf you registered before launch, you may receive a code via email.
Special eventsDuring special events, the development team may share codes.
FeedbackShare and search for in-game codes in the comments section.
Customer SupportContact customer service in case of problems to get gift codes.

  • Official game page: It is advisable to check the official Brawlhalla page to be aware of all the news, as they may post promo codes there when they become available.
  • Facebook: We suggest you follow the official Facebook page to receive all updates, including new game codes. When a code is released, you will need to prove that you follow the page and they will send you a code in return.
  • Instagram: It is also advisable to follow their Instagram account, as they may post promotional codes there.
  • Discord: Other players will most likely share codes on the game's official Discord server, so join if you can. While it's possible that most of the conversations will be in English, the codes are usually the same regardless of the country.
  • YouTube: Sometimes they post codes on their Youtube channel. If that happens, you'll need to take a screenshot and link to it in a comment on the relevant video to get a promotional code back.
  • Twitch: Streamers often receive codes from developers to distribute during their broadcasts and promote the game. So it pays to keep an eye on Twitch streams just in case.
  • Pre-registration: If you registered for the game before its launch, you may receive a code via email if you provided your email address. If you registered through Google Play, check your email address associated with the game account to see if you received an email with the promo code.
  • Special events: From time to time, the development team may share codes during special in-game events, so keep an eye out for them.
  • Feedback: If you find an in-game code that is not on this list, we encourage you to share it with other players and check this feedback section from time to time to see if anyone has added a new code.
  • Customer Service: Finally, you can sometimes get free gift codes if you have experienced a problem with the game or have lost an item. If this happens, contact customer service, who may be able to provide you with a free gift code and possibly some extra codes to compensate for the inconvenience.

Why does it say code already redeemed Brawlhalla?

If you encounter this error, it is likely that you have already used the code by clicking on the link once and entering your email address. If you have previously redeemed it, you should have received a separate email containing a link to view it.

We hope we have helped you get the current Brawlhalla codes. If you liked this content, feel free to take a look at our related articles:

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