Learn how to eliminate intruders in Fortnite

Do you want to eliminate intruders in Fortnite? you came to the right place Winngems tells you what to do to get annoying intruders out of your favorite game. Fortnite has been characterized by including attractive, innovative and fun missions and dynamics, and one of them was "remove the intruder".

Eliminating intruders was one of everyone's favorite missions when they included it within the teseason 7 episode 2. The mission asked you to eliminate as many intruders as possible during a match. Of course, the intruders -aliens visiting our planet- were all over the map and we had to run to find and eliminate them. These AI controlled aliens could be placed in far away locations and it was hard to figure out where they might be.

How do I know where I can remove intruders in Fortnite?

When starting a game, the game would choose and mark 3 locations with their respective names randomly on the map. They appeared in purple, and in those locations from time to time they passed UFOs with intruders as a pilots. You had to shoot the UFOs, force the pilot -an intruder-, make an emergency landing, follow him to the landing site and thus eliminate him.

Learn how to eliminate intruders in Fortnite

And ready? No, nothing in Fortnite has never been easy. The intruder would stagger down, but he would come armed with his kymera ray gun, a weapon that was extremely deadly, as it shoots a powerful continuous beam from which you had to flee. The best way to attack them was with assault rifles or from very long distances to avoid being hit by their weapons. It was not enough to move fast or build because the beam was practically infallible, so the speed of your attacks and your movements to dodge were fundamental.

Did you play "eliminate the intruder"? Did you like this mission? Fortnite has replicated this mechanic in a few other seasons, each with their own secrets and tricks. Whom Winngems you can discover them all!

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