Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game

If you are a fan of the runner game, you certainly can't ignore Subway Surfers for free devices running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The game is the story of the relentless pursuit of Jake, the boy who likes to draw Graffiti at the Station and the stern guard.

Update Subway Surfer or download the latest version to play to use all the new features in the game.

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A skateboard will help you a lot. It not only makes your character run smoother, more beautiful, but also has the ability to avoid tripping when bumping into obstacles while running. You can collect Hoverboards in mystery gift boxes or buy them in the shop. Skis can be purchased for in-game gold or real money via in-app purchase. To use the skateboard, you need to tap the screen 2 times. This support device only exists for a certain amount of time, so you need to use it appropriately. Ideally, after running for a long time, the game speed increases and it is easy to crash into obstacles.

Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game
Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game

2. Mystery Box

This is a mysterious gift box that you can collect while running or shopping in the store. However, you shouldn't spend 500 gold to buy them, usually what you get is not a lot. Please collect on the run.

Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game
Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game

3. jetpack

The rocket is shaped like two gas cylinders, it works almost like nitrogen cylinders attached to racing cars. Jetpack also has the same effect with characters equipped. Accelerate the driving speed to the maximum level. You can collect boosters on the run and use them right away.

Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game
Skateboard game on rails

4. Super sneaker

The "super shoes" help you jump higher, farther. However, you should only use them in an initial stage when the speed of the game is low. Because super shoes can make you collide more if you are not quick to control the high speed character in later stages.

5. Coin magnet

Gold Suction Magnets are extremely useful tools on the run. You can pick them up on the run or buy them in the shop. The coin magnet can only be used for a certain amount of time, it will suck up all the gold that appears in front of you without having to run to the right position of the gold coins.

Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game
Use Booster tools in Subway Surfers game

6. Mega Headstart e Skip Mission

These 2 items help you skip stage one to advance directly to stage 2 or 3. Collect them on the run or buy in the shop.

7. 2x Multiplier

Use them to increase the points to be multiplied. 2x Multiplier has a star shaped image with a multiplier in the image, for example x2, x3, x4, use them on the track to earn more points.

Above are some guidelines for playing Subway Surfers and the introduction and effective game support tool. I wish you good game.

New update 2021

Come Giocare a Subway Surfers

Have you bought Subway Surfers and don't know how to play it? This article will help you. It's all about a few simple steps to follow - once you've done it, you've become an expert!


1 To jump, swipe up on the screen (like in Temple Run) and to roll, swipe down.

2 Since there is a lane on the left and one on the right, you only need to swipe right or left to change lanes (for example, if there is a train blocking the left lane, swipe right, or vice versa) .

To get the coins, you just have to walk over them, like in Temple Run.


4 There are four power-ups you can get in the game:
  • Super Sneakers - Make you jump higher.
    Jetpack - Fly you over train tracks and get extra coins.
  • Coin Magnet - Makes you grab all coins around you.
  • 2x Multiplier - Multiply your original multiplier by 2 (for example, x4 becomes x8).
  • There are also other things you can buy in the shop:


  • Hoverboard - Lets you use a hoverboard so you can ride in a better style and have a better chance of survival (if you crash, you can still keep racing).
    Mystery Box - You will get a surprise prize.
  • Score Booster - Adds +5 to your multiplier. For example, if it is x10, it will become x15.
  • Mega Headstart - Get one early in the game so you can go farther and get a higher score.

6 Wasn't it easy? Now you know how to play Subway Surfers!

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