How to Activate the Steps in Fortnite

Fortnite's deaf mode is known as the step sensor, it is an alternative that can bring you great advantages. Among these advantages is that it allows users to identify enemies more clearly and thus attack with more precision to defend themselves against enemy attacks. That is why here Winngems, we explain how to activate the steps in Fortnite so that you can do better in the game.

How to Activate the Steps in Fortnite

What does Fortnite deaf mode do?

Whenever we start a game in Fortnite it is important that the game settings adapt to each player, those settings will depend on the preferences of each player at the time of entering.

However, regardless of your preferences there is a function that is very useful and this is “view sound effects”, this option can be activated by opening the configuration menu and then locate the audio configuration. Then activate that function in the section that reads the phrase "display sound effects". Once the selection of the option is finished, you will see that the video game will provide you with a representation in which you will be able to observe the sounds generated. Now that you know how to activate the steps in Fornite, do you really know how they work?

How does Fortnite deaf mode work?

If you have already read how to activate the steps in Fornite or how to activate the deaf mode, we will give you a review of all its advantages and uses. Fortnite's deaf mode emits signals that indicate what is happening in the game and that represent the sounds that are displayed in the scene. For example, if you are near a chest, one of them will appear on the screen to notify you.

It is possible to find signals that tell you if the location you are in is close to where enemy fire is taking place and shows you noises that appear if they have an opponent nearby, regardless of whether they are in a vehicle or on foot.

If there are sounds around you, the video game will notice it and let you know, not only the proximity of it, but also the direction in which the noise is.

If you use this mode it will give you an amazing advantage over the rest of the players, since you will have a clear idea of ​​where the enemies are, of course only if they are making noise.

If you follow the mentioned steps you will be able to activate the deaf mode de Fornite and get a higher chance of victory in each game
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