Get the code for the Ikonik Fornite skin

Get the code for the Ikonik Fornite skin

Get the fabulous and classic Ikonik skin from Fornite on your account now! When it was introduced in chapter 1, season 8, the Fornite community went crazy for the skin. Whether you're a K Pop lover or not, it's obvious that it's a super attractive skin and became the object of desire for everyone. But it wasn't easy to get and left many disappointed after it left the store. But, there's still time! We at Winngems reveal how you can get a code for Ikonik skin now.

Fornite has had some great collaborations that have left epic skins that go on forever, and they can go on and on for seasons and still be desired and look good. The Ikonik skin is one of them. It was born from the collaboration between Epic Games and Samsung for the launch of its Galaxy S10. The figure is inspired by Jung Chanwoo one of the members of IKON, a South Korean Kpop band. His features and his characteristic dance was replicated in this skin.

Get the code for the Ikonik Fornite skin

How to get the code for the Ikonik Fornite skin?

The first thing you should consider is that, although it is no longer in the Fornite store, Ikonik can be obtained, and the only condition is to have at your disposal a Samsung Galaxy S10. Follow these steps and get the code for the Ikonik skin of Fornite:

  1. On your mobile (only Samsung S10) download Fornite from the Epic games site directly and log in with the data of the account where you want to have the skin.
  2. Enter the account tab and go to "skins" and there will appear the Ikonic skin.
  3. Click on it and press claim.

The Ikonic skin will be sent to your locker (inside the "equipment" tab in the "account" section) and you must move it to your inventory. You will be able to have it on any device on which you activate your Fornite account. If your account does not have a verified payment method you will have to make the affiliation, but do not worry, no amount will be debited, it is just a routine check to be able to use the locker.

Download Fortnite on Samsung Galaxy S10Download Fortnite from the Epic Games site on your Samsung Galaxy S10 and login with your player account.
Sign inLog in with the account details where you want to have the Ikonik skin.
Access the "skins" tab.Once inside Fortnite, go to the "skins" tab in the account.
Select the Ikonik skinFind and select the Ikonik skin from the list of available skins.
Claim the skinClick on the option to claim the Ikonik skin and follow the instructions to get the corresponding code.

How much is Skin Ikonik Fortnite worth?

The Samsung Galaxy S10+, considered one of its best models to date, has been the result of a collaboration between the Korean brand and Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite. This alliance has led to various joint events. On this occasion, with the launch of the new mobile, it was announced that those who purchase the S10+ will receive an exclusive Fortnite skin.

The skin, inspired by the K-Pop band iKon, will be available only to those players who purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

The price of the smartphone exceeds 1000 euros, making this skin in theory one of the most expensive in the history of Fortnite. Of course, purchasing the phone solely for the skin does not seem to be a sensible option. However, the S10+ offers a wide range of optimized and upgraded features compared to previous models, including a Snapdragon 855 processor (33% faster than the Note9), among other improvements.

When did the Ikonik season come out?

The Ikonik Skin is inspired by Jung Chanwoo, a member of the Korean pop band iKON, and features a significant redesign of the original K-Pop outfit, with a red and black suit. The Ikonik Skin promotion was launched on March 8, 2019.

You now have the code for the Ikonik Fornite skin. If you liked this content, feel free to check out our related articles:

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