Change your profile picture in Fortnite today!

Change your profile picture in Fortnite today!

Change your profile picture in Fornite today! It's not all casualties, bucks and skins in Fornite, everyone also wants to have an eye-catching and fun profile that will help you get friends to play in other modes. At Winngems we explain what you need to do to change your profile picture in Fornite.

With the profile picture we present ourselves to other players and give clues of who we are, our style of play, our preferences or any other information we want to make public. It is a good way to communicate with other players without having to say a single word. If you already have one and want to change them, or if you have never put one, here we tell you what you should do.

Change Profile in Fortnite

Epic Games and Fortnite have never failed when it comes to giving us novelty and diversity. Even after so many years online, Fortnite continues to give us ways to be entertained. Profile pictures are one such way to make the game increasingly dynamic and customizable.

The process of changing your photo, or putting it up for the first time, is simple and quick. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Enter the game and go to the main page where you can see the menu (top left).
  • Click on "Edit profile" and click on the profile picture option.
  • Choose from the avatar options presented to you, some of your own skin or other free ones, finish by clicking"done".
  • Within "Edit profile", you can see other customization options such as changing the profile background color.
  • Exit to the main display again and your new profile picture and all the changes and customizations you have made should appear.

You can do this process whenever you get bored with your look, and you can look up the meanings that have been assigned to each avatar in the community and share more of yourself with other players.

1. Login to the gameGo to the main page where you can see the menu (top left).
2. Click on "Edit profile".Click on the option "profile picture".
3. Choose an imageSelect from the available avatar options, either your own skins or free ones, and click "done".
4. Customize your profileUnder "Edit profile", you can adjust the profile background color and other customization options.
5. Save your changesExit to the main display and you will see your new profile picture along with all the customizations you made

How to change the Fortnite profile skin?

Want to change the appearance of your character in Fortnite? Here's how to do it in a few simple steps:

  • Open the game and go to the"Locker" tab at the top of the screen.
  • Find the outfit you want to modify. The outfits that have different styles available are distinguished by having a circle divided in the icon.
  • Click on"Edit style".
  • Select the style you prefer for the outfit.
  • Once you have made your choice, click "Save and Exit".

That's it, now your avatar will sport the new style you selected in the Battlefield room. Let's enjoy the game with your new look!

What happened to Fortnite?

On 02/12/2023, right on the day of Fortnite's "The Big Bang" event, Epic Games surprised by announcingthat the "Origins" season will make its return in 2024. Although they haven't provided an exact date, they assure us that next year we will have Fortnite: Origins back.

We're not going to kid you, the OG season has exceeded all our expectations.

So why has Epic Games decided to bring back this season this year? The answer is simple: it has been a total success. It is estimated that around one hundred million players have enjoyed this trip back in time with Fortnite Origins season, which completely revamped the map and introduced weapons, items and vehicles from different seasons of Chapter 1 of the game.

This season appealed to nostalgia to lure back many players who had been overwhelmed by Fortnite's constant new features and gameplay mechanics. However, we will be returning to the Chapter 1 map; it remains to be seen whether this return to Origins next year will offer themed content from different seasons week by week, or whether the overall gameplay experience will be more compact.

We hope we helped you figure out how to change your profile picture in Fortnite today . If you liked this content, feel free to check out our related articles:

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