How to get free turkeys in Fortnite

If you are a Fornite player, you will ask yourself daily how can I get free turkeys in Fornite? Don't keep slicing your head off Winngems brings you the definitive guide to get many turkeys easily and quickly.

Fornite turkeys allow you to buy lots of customizations and improvements that will help you advance quickly and stand out much more, let's not deny it, some skins do nothing but entertain us, but they are great. So, whatever your intention, you will always need to know how to cGet free turkeys in Fornite to make it.

How to get free turkeys in Fortnite

How to get free turkeys in Fortnite 2023

There are some completely legal ways to get turkeys or V-bucks to access cosmetics and customizations in the Fornite store. Here we leave you the legal ways to get free turkeys in Fornite.

Battle pass

When you purchase the battle pass included in the benefits are 1500 bucks. Of course, for this you have to spend some real money on the pass, or save up turkeys from previous passes and purchase the pass with previously earned turkeys.

Save the world mode

When you play the "Save the World" mode you will start earning more than 50 bucks a day and as you progress, you can collect more than 100 turkeys for unlocked maps and missions. However, to have the "Save the world" mode you must buy it, but also, as the battle pass has a good return on investment, so it is totally recommended.

Missions and events

Fornite is characterized by the number of collaborations, special missions, and events it has. And it is that almost monthly you can participate in events that will make you easily earn turkeys. In Battle Royale mode you can earn up to 50 turkeys per battle, plus what you earn for participating in events and completing missions.

win games

Of course, the best thing about playing Fornite is winning games. If you manage to be crowned the last one standing at the end of a battle, you win. 50 bucks immediately.

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