How much is my Fortnite account worth?

How much does your Fornite account cost? We will all have to say goodbye to Fornite at some point, and if the time has come for you to say goodbye, but you want to take advantage of the investment of time and money that you could have made, Winngems teaches you how you can calculate the value of your account.

When selling a Fornite account you should consider several factors, including price, but also security. So, the first recommendation is to be careful with the pages and applications that ask you for access to your account and your data. Ideally, you should appraise the value yourself according to your inventory. Read on and we'll help you do it yourself:

How much does your Fornite account cost?

The easiest way to get the current value of your inventory is to buy it back. So, you must follow the following steps:

    1. Enter Fortnite.GG and enter the options menu in the left corner of the screen on the Fornite logo
  2. Choose the option that says "Wish list" and enter your account data - or register for the first time-. It is not necessary -nor recommended- that you use your Fornite account data, enter with new credentials (username and password)
   3. Once inside your account, go to the tab Locker, there you can choose one by one the skins that you have in your inventory, and the page will assess the total cost of your possessions. At the end you can have an estimate of how much your Fornite account costs

How much is my Fortnite account worth?

Another quick way is to do a similar appraisal on other reliable websites such as Hey Fortnite, they will ask you to manually enter (without game keys) some data, such as:

 ✔️Number of Skins in your inventory.
✔️ Number of backpacks or pets
✔️ Amount of spikes
✔️Hanging Gliding and contrails that you own
✔️Gestures and music that you own

If you want a real appraisal, remember that you must be totally sincere and include information about rare, legendary and epic pieces that you have in your possession.

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