What does the Aporrear enchantment do in Minecraft?

What does the Aporrear enchantment do in Minecraft?

Do you know the Minecraft spell Aporrear? Are you interested in Minecraft spells and tricks? This is your place! Stick around Winngems that we tell you all about Minecraft's Pummel spell, its uses and how to do it.

Minecraft has remained at the top of popularity since 2011 when this sandbox arrived to conquer the virtual world. What makes it so attractive? Its dynamics and mechanics, its themes and even mods that over more than a decade have been developed. Among the most memorable mechanics is that of sorcery and enchantment, which has always given the game a somewhat mystical and mysterious touch.

What does the Aporrear enchantment do in Minecraft?

All enchantments serve to improve the performance of some main objects: sword, bow or pickaxe. The enchantments, including the Pounding enchantment, will have more power the higher level you have. When you use the spell Pound on an attacking item, it increases the damage to "undead" creatures.

Of course it will be very useful when you have to face them and the more level of enchantment you have the more powerful the weapon will be. The maximum level of the spell is level 5, so the goal is to get there.

What does the Aporrear enchantment do in Minecraft?

How to use the Pound enchantment in Minecraft?

In order to apply the enchantment Aporrear to one of your objects you must have the enchantment table or an anvil at your disposal. When you are on the table right click and in the lower left corner we will leave the object we want to enchant and lapis lazuli as consumable.

On the right side you will see three glyphs, each with a random type and level, if you hover over them you will see the enchantment they represent. There you will have to select the option to attack and leave the table.

You can also apply the enchantment on your object with an anvil. Once you are on the anvil, you only need to combine the book of enchantments with the object or weapon you want to enchant.

Steps to use the enchantment Aporrear in Minecraft
1. Make sure you have an enchantment table or an anvil available.
2. On the enchantment table, right click and place the item you want to enchant on the bottom left, along with lapis lazuli as a consumable.
3. On the right side of the table, you will find three glyphs with random types and levels. Hover over them to identify the enchantment they represent.
4. Select the "Contribute" option and leave the table.
5. Alternatively, you can apply the enchantment with an anvil. Simply combine the incantation book with the desired object or weapon while standing on the anvil.

What is the difference between pummeling and grinding in Minecraft?

Many people aren't clear on what the pummel enchantment is for, so let us explain. Basically, the pummel enchantment is used to make your sword deal more damage.

However, the key distinction with sharpen is that the latter not only increases damage, but also affects both enemy mobs and players. In contrast, pummeling only boosts damage against enemy mobs, without affecting players.

What enchantments can be put on the sword?

For the sake of simplicity, we will leave out enchantments such as Mending or Unbreaking, which are general benefits and not specific to combat. We will focus on the enchantments designed to give it a boost.

Appearance of fire

Give your enemies a fiery touch! The Aspect of Fire allows you to set your opponents on fire every time you strike them with your sword. It has two levels, and each level adds 4 seconds of burning to the target.


Let's give the undead a good fight! Wound increases overall damage against hordes of undead, such as skeletons, zombies, zombified pigs, withered skeletons, drowned and withered. With five levels, each adds 2.5 damage to each attack. This is not a multiplier, but a passive benefit that activates without the need to do anything.

Sweeping Edge

Area Attack! Sweeping Edge increases the sweeping attack damage available when performing a fully charged sword strike. It is especially useful when facing multiple enemies at once. It has three levels, each adding more power to the strike.


More loot, please! Looting increases the amount of items that creatures drop when defeated. With three levels, each level increases the maximum amount of items that can drop by 1.


It cuts well! Sharpness increases the damage inflicted in general. It has five levels, and in Bedrock Edition each level adds 1.25 extra damage to your attacks. In Java Edition, the formula is 0.5 x Enchantment Level + 0.5. Thus, Level V increases damage by 3, while Level 1 increases damage by 1.

What is the highest level of fortune in Minecraft?

Fortune, that magical enchantment, comes in three power levels, which keep upping the ante by increasing the amount of items and/or improving the odds of them appearing.

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